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HealthRIGHT 360 and Prototypes Merge July 1

Prototypes is excited to share the official start of our relationship as the newest member of the HealthRIGHT 360 family, effective July 1.

For the last two and a half months, HealthRIGHT 360 and Prototypes have been working to streamline services and strengthen our combined continuum of care. Together, we can not only expand our footprint across the state, but also make strides toward our vision of truly integrated health care services encompassing primary care, behavioral health, addiction treatment and social services available to everyone.


California To Revamp Addiction Treatment For Medicaid Recipients

Prototypes’ Eli Veitzer comments on the changes that will allow more Medi-Cal recipients access care for substance use disorders, but with shorter treatment stays. “If their ability to function independently in the community is not addressed, they are likely to relapse,” he said.

You can read the full story on Kaiser Health News.

Staff Spotlight: Jennifer Roecklein

Jennifer Roecklein with the 2015 Safety Person of the Year, Stephanie Canales.

Jennifer Roecklein’s work impacts each client who comes through our doors even though she doesn’t provide treatment services to our clients. Her work in improving quality and safety throughout the organization ensures that our staff can provide the highest quality services to clients in a comfortable, safe and healing environment. Jennifer joined the Prototypes team two years ago and now oversees customer service initiatives, chairs the Health & Safety Committee, assists the quality improvement team and helps lead the Employee Engagement Committee. (more…)

Learning to Be Brave

Heather and Hallie

Hallie was just four years old when the Department of Children and Family Services removed her from her home. While the specific trauma she experienced is unknown, she now has the support and love that enable her to create new, happy childhood memories.

When she was first detained, Hallie received an assessment by the Multidisciplinary Assessment Team, which is a partnership with the Department of Children and Family Services, Department of Mental Health and community providers like Prototypes. This comprehensive assessment helps determine foster home placement and additional services children like Hallie might need. (more…)

Program Highlight: Parent-Child Interactive Therapy

Prototypes aims to meet the varying needs of the families we serve and we are excited to announce the newest treatment program we will be offering at our Pomona Outpatient Behavioral Health Center- Parent Child Interactive Therapy or PCIT.

The addition of this specialized, evidence based treatment to our children’s programming was made possible through funding from the Department of Mental Health and First 5 LA and helps parents with children ages 2-5 who have disruptive and challenging behaviors. The unique aspect of the treatment is that parent and child play in a room with a two-way mirror so that the therapist can provide guidance to the parent through an earpiece. Parents learn how to guide and support their children to reinforce positive behavior. (more…)

Prototypes Celebrates Rocksy on Her Retirement

“Working at Prototypes has been my life,” shared Rocksy Chenevert. “I would wake up each day excited for what the day would bring.” Altogether, she worked for Prototypes for 19 years at the Pomona Women’s Center. She was the first staff person hired when Prototypes opened its Pomona facility in 1988.

“It’s kind of surreal. It’s hard. It’s like leaving home because your heart is still there,” said Rocksy. “The people at Prototypes put in such hard work and I built such strong relationships with my co-workers. The clients also encouraged me and working with them was a constant reminder to stay clean so I could help them. It was a family thing. I’ve seen so many children born at Prototypes, it melts your heart.” (more…)

Staff Spotlight: Dr. Cristina Gomez

Dr. Cristina Gomez, who started working at Prototypes in 2014, loves working in community mental health. She works with clients on public assistance to help them remove barriers to becoming employed. Many of them suffer from depression and anxiety, have histories of trauma and addiction, and are also parents.

As a Senior Clinician at Prototypes Pomona Outpatient Behavioral Health Center, she provides therapy to participants with the goal of improving emotional and mental health so they can obtain a job or start school. Due to her commitment to her work and the clients, Dr. Gomez was a recent recipient of Living the Prototypes’ Values Award. (more…)

Report Highlights the Impact of a Second Chance

Angela’s youthful experimentation with drugs devolved into a 33-year addiction to crack cocaine. To finance her habit, she resorted to forging checks and petty theft. First arrested in 1998, she spent the next 15 years in and out of prison.

By 2013, facing a lengthy prison sentence, she says, “I was tired of drugs, tired of prison and ready to straighten myself out.” Unfortunately, Angela is one of many. The rate of incarceration of women has increased substantially in recent decades and women constitute the fastest-growing segment of people incarcerated in both jails and prisons in the United States (more…)

Resolve Recovery

Each year, millions of people do not get the treatment they need for their addiction to drugs and alcohol. It’s estimated that by 2020, mental and substance use disorders will surpass all physical diseases as a major cause of disability worldwide. A major reason is lack of health coverage or the inability to afford treatment.

We also know that addiction and mental illness are equal-opportunity diseases, and that they affect families regardless of socioeconomic status. And, in spite of the passage of the Affordable Care Act, there still remain financial barriers for those who need treatment. Approximately three years ago, Prototypes began serving women with insurance and those who can pay privately for their care. During this time, we have found a gap in treatment programs in that most either focus on serving those with very few or no resources or those with many resources. Yet, there are women and families who do not qualify for government sponsored treatment programs and who also cannot afford the high costs of many other private programs. These women experience the same issues that often times accompany addiction such as mental illness, domestic violence, and trauma. (more…)

Pasadena Clients Graduate

The Pasadena Intensive Outpatient Services team celebrated graduates who overcame serious mental health issues, and sometimes co-occurring addiction, to reach a milestone in their recovery. Many clients in this program have long histories of repeated hospitalizations and incarceration. Their clinicians work with them to gain sobriety and independence, find a safe a stable place to live, maintain their medications and work toward employment or education. Staff and their peers honored the five graduates. One alumnus of the program who now participates in the Wellness Center shared his thoughts on succeeding in recovery. (more…)

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