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Pasadena Clients Graduate

pasadena-gradsThe Pasadena Intensive Outpatient Services team celebrated graduates who overcame serious mental health issues, and sometimes co-occurring addiction, to reach a milestone in their recovery. Many clients in this program have long histories of repeated hospitalizations and incarceration. Their clinicians work with them to gain sobriety and independence, find a safe a stable place to live, maintain their medications and work toward employment or education. Staff and their peers honored the five graduates. One alumnus of the program who now participates in the Wellness Center shared his thoughts on succeeding in recovery.

Yasmin Vishram-Morris, Manager IOS Program, organized the event the gave the clients the recognition they deserved since they are many obstacles they have to overcome to graduate from the program. “We want to make sure our clients are experiencing authentic success, so it’s sustainable after they leave,” explained Yasmin.

One graduate noted, “I really enjoyed the people. They are so open-minded and accepting. It’s the best encouragement I ever got.”