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Staff Spotlight: Jennifer Roecklein

Jennifer presents Safety Person of the Year Award.
Jennifer Roecklein with the 2015 Safety Person of the Year, Stephanie Canales.

Jennifer Roecklein’s work impacts each client who comes through our doors even though she doesn’t provide treatment services to our clients. Her work in improving quality and safety throughout the organization ensures that our staff can provide the highest quality services to clients in a comfortable, safe and healing environment. Jennifer joined the Prototypes team two years ago and now oversees customer service initiatives, chairs the Health & Safety Committee, assists the quality improvement team and helps lead the Employee Engagement Committee.

She first started at Prototypes as a project manager, taking on projects that didn’t have a leader. Through these projects, Jennifer began finding ways to improve processes. She also analyzes past information and data, like client complaints and grievances to develop solutions and works with staff to implement those new ideas.

For Jennifer, it’s rewarding to help clients resolve their issues. “I have the opportunity to speak to clients and talk about the issues they have,” noted Jennifer. “Clients are able share more openly, trusting that I am taking their issue seriously. They are thankful that someone will listen and try their best to help them.”

She also works to improve procedures and forms, such as incident reporting, so that staff can more easily and accurately report on required information. This new information will more accurately show how the organization is doing so that we can continually improve.

Jennifer also coordinates more fun activities, like the staff holiday party, to give staff an experience that they will really appreciate.

One thing she is excited about is the customer service training that will she will help launch next year. It will help staff best meet the needs of their clients though effective communications. Even if we are not able to provide the type of service a client may need, we are able to find alternatives to ensure that we can address their concerns. It’s about doing everything we can for our clients.

“The best part about working at Prototypes is that everyone cares about the well-being of our clients,” shared Jennifer. “Staff members that don’t provide direct care still contribute to their success and it’s great to see how clients succeed, knowing that you had a part in that.”