Some women come to Prototypes when they are in the earliest stage of recovery — the acute intoxication and withdrawal phase from alcohol and drugs. For them, Prototypes offers residential detoxification services whose treatment components include monitoring, safe program management, self-administration of medication, and medical evaluation and re-evaluation as needed.

Initial assessment by a Prototypes Intake Counselor includes a sensitive yet thorough history of drug use, including types of drugs and/or alcohol used, frequency of use, and the last time the client used. This critical information serves as the basis for determining the best course of action to meet the client’s personal detoxification needs.

Once admitted, the client will be monitored and provided with services to ease discomfort experienced during the withdrawal phase, which may include the use of prescribed medication. Occasionally, clients present with more complicated issues and may require a higher level of care than is available at Prototypes. In such instances, Prototypes will provide assistance in securing entrance into another program or to a medical facility.

Clients receive basic counseling services as their withdrawal symptoms allow. This may include group work, individual treatment and even some family meetings. The goal is to help ensure that a full recovery treatment plan is in place once the acute phase of detoxification has ended. For most, the plan is a seamless transition to one of Prototypes’ residential or outpatient treatment programs. There may be times, however, when a different type of program is indicated or another location is desired. Prototypes’ counselors will assist clients and their family in securing transition to another program.

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